How to Support the Site

     Do you enjoy using Planet Source Code? So do millions of other coders! However, Planet Source Code's huge following has one requires alot of bandwidth to run! (As of 2/6/2003 there are four entire T1s plus a cable modem line dedicated to it)  Unfortunately, as many of you who worked for failed dot-coms know all too well...advertising doesn't pay enough to support the costs of running these lines.   To avoid the fate of other sites, I end up subsidizing the cost from other endeavors.

     If you find this site useful, and would like to help out, you can do this by either ordering a Planet Source Code CD (filled with great source code from the site for just $19.95):

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or you can make a direct donation using the link below:

All funds go entirely to paying T1 Connectivity costs for the site you love.  I thank you for your support, and long live Planet Source Code!


Ian Ippolito
Creator of Planet Source Code