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  Transiting HandshakeTransiting HandshakeVB 6.0Intermediate /
Nicholas Forystek
40 since
9/24/2018 7:01:26 AM

By 1 Users

       A type of hash cipher that allows two systems to reject or accept initiated actions basis of calls to the component where as the sequence and way used make up a hash that reasons must be met or fail to comply in possibly a completely one sided (why powerf ...(description truncated)
  Name by the ClockName by the ClockVB 6.0Beginner /
151 since
9/22/2018 7:21:06 PM
       This is to let others put their names in the taskbar by the clock, Since people may have different Operating Systems I'll give all the Text an some general instructions an info on how to set things up,,, When an if someone gets their name by their clock t ...(description truncated)
  CoCreateGuid ExampleCoCreateGuid ExampleVB 4.0 (32-bit), VB 5.0, VB 6.0Advanced /
Nicholas Forystek
6005 since
9/22/2018 12:40:41 AM
       Globally Unique Identifier generate function as well as a IsGuid() function to test if the GUID is a string representation seemingly of one. Updated to copy and paste run in the vb4 debugger if the msvbvm60.dll is on the system.
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  Very Well Hidden Secret in VB6, Now w/ Video IncludedVery Well Hidden Secret in VB6, Now w/ Video IncludedVB 6.0Beginner /
1067 since
9/20/2018 11:20:34 AM

By 3 Users
2 Excellent Ratings
       I have updated the Hidden Secret of VB6 Hidden Secret of VB6 for two reasons,,, Firstly I updated it for those who said they couldn't get it to work or couldn't or never seen it / the credits,,, And secondly I noticed 1 of my older posts from before the P ...(description truncated)Click here to see a screenshot of this code!(ScreenShot)
  Zodiac ChineseZodiac ChineseVB 6.0Beginner /
Ian Ippolito (PSC)
172 since
9/20/2018 1:34:54 AM
       (This was written by another author and recovered after the site data loss) I was bored & after a exspensive dinner at a Chineze Resteraunt I desided to slap this simple program together, & see what I retained from teaching myself VB6, I learned ...(description truncated)
  Terminal VelocityTerminal VelocityVB 6.0Intermediate /
Ian Ippolito (PSC)
169 since
9/20/2018 1:31:51 AM
       (Recovered from other author after site data loss) This Program is intended to help teach movement velocity collision and redirection, It can be used for many different things but it may be very handy for games like Tennis, Racing Games, and I am sure a l ...(description truncated)
  Mouse ReverseMouse ReverseVB 6.0Beginner /
Ian Ippolito (PSC)
177 since
9/20/2018 1:29:40 AM
       (recovered from another author prior to data loss). This code is copyright Flex Software. You can use this code everywhere for even for commericial things.
  Flip and Reverse your screenFlip and Reverse your screenVB 6.0Intermediate /
Ian Ippolito (PSC)
190 since
9/20/2018 1:27:05 AM
       Just for a joke, it flips and reverses your screen. Ctrl-Alt-Del is disabled. look for the X label in the upper left of your screen to escape.
  FlattererFlattererVB 6.0Beginner /
Ian Ippolito (PSC)
160 since
9/20/2018 1:24:27 AM
       (From other author pre data loss) This was made just to put a smile on someones face to let them know someone cared / cares or liked them enough and is thinking about them Inside the zipped file you will find the complete code, The program itself (a vi ...(description truncated)
  VB6 Desktop Icon Size ChangerVB6 Desktop Icon Size ChangerVB 6.0Intermediate /
Ian Ippolito (PSC)
231 since
9/20/2018 1:22:22 AM
       (From other author pre data loss) This Program was made to help free up space on a users DeskTop,,,, This will let the user adjust the size of the Icons on their DeskTop, Just type in,30 x 30 as an example then Resize Icon size, I have it set so it sho ...(description truncated)

Search Results: Page 1 of 1689 found. Entries 1 - 10 of 16884 found
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