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  emply disk image builder vb.netemply disk image builder vb.netCold Fusion MXBeginner /
587 since
1/17/2019 6:25:18 PM
       this is a linux mono utility to creat empty disk images to use in dosbox or in qemu empty images ,can use freedos fdisk and format to creat image
  linux 3dlinux 3dCold Fusion MXBeginner /
1069 since
11/3/2018 10:28:30 PM
       lunix 3 d samples , simple 3d linux
  linux terminal vb.netlinux terminal vb.netCold Fusion MXBeginner /
520 since
1/18/2019 8:18:08 PM
       this is a small terminal to use in linux mono easy code
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  math eval cal vb.netmath eval cal vb.netCold Fusion MXBeginner /
531 since
1/20/2019 6:11:01 PM
       this is a precision calculator eval for cientific calc you ned to have BC linux mono install
  pdf to html converter vb.netpdf to html converter vb.netCold Fusion MXBeginner /
551 since
1/18/2019 3:47:16 PM
       this is a interface to convert pdf into html to put in you web site or in you help html files this works on linux mono
  process list vb.netprocess list vb.netCold Fusion MXBeginner /
632 since
1/17/2019 8:19:57 PM
       this a gdi application for linux mono list all process in memory
  run bar document vb.netrun bar document vb.netCold Fusion MXBeginner /
554 since
1/18/2019 6:47:26 PM
       this is a run bar document sample a command button run a textbox document on a disk runs on linux mono
  short list numbersshort list numbersCold Fusion MXBeginner /
490 since
1/20/2019 1:58:35 PM
       this code show to order a list of numbers integers works on linux mono
  sql lite browser vb.netsql lite browser vb.netCold Fusion MXBeginner /
519 since
1/20/2019 10:41:54 AM
       this is a sql lite interface to dos or linux sqllite easy code uses stand io to toke to sqlite

Search Results: Page 1 of 1 found. Entries 1 - 9 of 9 found

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