tic tac toe 5*5

Submitted on: 7/20/2017 7:14:16 PM
By: kieron chin  
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     I'm new to c++,do anyone know how to create a tic tac toe with below condition?

				1.	Use a 2D array (or 1D array if you know how to solve) to represent the board. First, name all tile with a number. When a player makes a move, he/she chooses based on the number. If the tile has number instead of ‘O’ or ‘X’, it will fill up with ‘O’ or ‘X’ based on the player’s symbol. Otherwise, it is not a valid move. 
2.	A function to check for valid move as stated in 1.
3.	A function to check for winning condition.
4.	It is suitable to create a function to draw the board on the screen because you are going to display the tile repeatedly throughout the entire game.
5.	Use global variable in a meaningful way. If a variable is used only in 3 or less functions, you should consider pass by value or pass by reference. Inconsistency in code will be penalized (i.e. using global variable at the same time pass the variable to functions)

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