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Manga System 1.2

Submitted on: 1/7/2015 1:31:00 AM
By: bLade (from psc cd)  
Level: Intermediate
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Compatibility: C#
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•Added my blog on about form which is (About programming tutorial) but i have another one which is which is about anything that i want to share, if you have time to read go visit my blog and if you're kind, be my follower.

•Few Mangas are added, there are 55 manga titles in total to be seen in the program.

•Added an anime music player with very limited songs (please bare with me since i can't find a good uploading site for free so i can't add any additional songs which will make my program bigger in size). Anyway, it's very relaxing listening to anime music while searching/reading manga titles.

•Added Manage Members form where you can make a member admin or make an admin an ordinary member. Can only be accessed by an admin account (Username: Raven Password: Raven ; Username: bLade Password: 321).

•Changed the background of view and search form.

•Added Exit sound.

Note: Always exit the program properly by clicking cancel at the login window, otherwise you'll there'll be a situation where you should end it's process at the Task Manager -> Processes -> Manga System.

This is a windows form application made in c#. Which I presented on our school for my project. I Used Microsoft Visual C# 2010 Express (if you don't have go download now at microsoft which is free) and Microsoft Access 2007. Feel free to use, edit, share, or anything you want with this Manga System i made as long as you don't own it and credit me.

How to View:
1. Go toManga\New folder\c#\system\system\bin\Debug
2. Run Manga System.exe
3. Enjoy.

Note: If you can't view it, try installing microsoft .net framework's latest version and MS access 2007.(Not sure about this part but definitely worth trying)

Choose only one mirror to download the program.

Mirror 1

Mirror 2

The one that you'll be downloading here at Planet Source Code is Manga System 1.1 (since this site has very limited upload size).

Sorry but sadly this will be the last version of my Manga System since i'll be busy again at our school. Don't worry i'll do other program soon if i have time. Please support me by rating this code/suggesting future projects/comments, thank you.


First, this Manga system is not a system where you can read manga's, however this program is used to view the description of a manga selected.
Username: bLade
Password: 321
or just check out my database at the bin.
*Hope you'll like my program. Thank you.
Manga informations and login picture are from
Manga pictures are from
1.1 Update:
•Register at Login form
•Added About at Login
•New Main Menu Toolbar(Manga,Account)
*Manga - Add, Edit, Delete, Search
*Account - Change Username, Password, Logout
•New User Interface
•Added a few mangas.Removed Qery on Main Menu Toolbar (Query is replaced by search under Manga Category)
Download Link:
1.1 -

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