'************************************** ' Name: Add Debug.Print to your app easy ' ' Description:The Debug.Print is most im ' portant as long as your program runs! If ' there is something wrong, error/problem, ' the user can always report to you what h ' e did, by showing you the debugtext. BUT ' when it's compiled the user of your app. ' can't see the Debug.Print window!!! The ' thing I add (always) into my program is ' showed beneeth here following (simple bu ' t efficient): ' By: ~:. Jeff ''Capes'' .:~ (from psc c ' d) ' ' ' Inputs:None ' ' Returns:None ' 'Assumes:None ' 'Side Effects:None '************************************** 1. make a Form called frmDebug 2. add a textbox called txtDebug (multiline+scrollbar(s)) 3. Add a Module and Copy this into the module: Option Explicit Public ShowDebugWindow As Boolean Public Function DebugPrint(DebugStr As String) If ShowDebugWindow = True Then frmDebug.Show frmDebug.txtDebug = frmDebug.txtDebug & vbCrLf & "[" & Time & "] " & DebugStr Else frmDebug.Hide End If End Function For those who read this but don't understand what to do exactly: 1. Add a Form to the project (Form1) 2. Add a button into Form1 3. (Click) Code for the button is: Private Sub Command1_Click() ShowDebugWindow = True DebugPrint "Button clicked!" End Sub when you run yer program (startup object is Form1) press the button and the DebugWindow will popup! Good Luck! http://start.at/iseekyou